About the Founder

You Are Unique! Your Therapy Should Be Too!

The Planted Brain was created by David S. Washington, LCSW. David is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist, and UC Certified Master Gardener. He has been providing traditional talk therapy to individuals, families, and groups for over a decade, in various treatment settings.  He has also worked and lived on organic farms and homesteads in Vermont and Tanzania, East Africa.  

His love of nature and all things horticulture, led him to develop a unique program for individuals and groups, interested in an alternative to traditional talk therapy. David learned very early in his career, that people heal in many different ways. He learned that for some individuals, working with plants and experiencing nature, can help facilitate powerful forms of healing and awareness. 

His ultimate goal is to create a community mental health center where individuals can take part in group and individual therapy, nature/conservation based education, and horticulture.