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Tomato Plant

Let's Cultivate a New Way of Seeing the World

Individual and Group Therapy

At The Planted Brain we strongly believe in the healing power of nature and plants! Individual and group therapy sessions rely on the use of Horticultural Therapy to help you facilitate the changes you want to see in your life. 

Horticultural therapy is a professionally conducted client-centered treatment modality that utilizes horticultural activities to meet specific therapeutic or rehabilitative goals of its participants. The focus is to maximize social, cognitive, physical and/or psychological functioning, and/ or to enhance general health and wellness (Haller & Capra, 2017)

*Individuals or groups interested in this form of therapy should be comfortable holding sessions in public settings (community garden spaces, public gardens and parks, arboretums, nurseries, hiking trails, etc), and working with plants and soil.  Each treatment program is specifically tailored to an individual's physical ability, level of plant knowledge, and goals that they wish to accomplish.

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